Easy to Make Silly Putty

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now that my kids are older they are able to find their own entertainment most of the time. Yesterday my 11 year old son wanted to make silly putty so he looked it up online. We had all of the ingredients, so he made some with his 8 year old sister. I had nothing to do with this project. They found the video online, found all of the ingredients, made the putty, and cleaned up the mess. Today they are playing with their silly putty and having lots of fun with it. The best part is that I didn't have to do anything.
To make this silly putty you need:
Elmer's glue (or other brand)
Food coloring (optional)

Note: When they are not playing with their silly putty they keep it in Ziploc bags so it doesn't dry out.

Here is the video my son found:

Make Silly Putty (imitation) - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

My kids have been "hooked" on this silly putty all week long. It has entertained them every day and for that I am "hooked" on silly putty.
I am joining Julia's Hooked on Friday's blog party. Check out her blog to see what other people are hooked on and for a stroll down memory lane if you ever read Nancy Drew as a kid.


  1. Fun post! I remember my silly putty days... :-)

  2. Very enterprising children to do this themselves. I used to make my own play dough which is softer and nicer than the bought version.

  3. This would be fun to make. I bet it smells better than the store bought stuff too!

  4. I remember making this for my kids when they were small. They had so much fun with it!


  5. This is right up my 10 year olds alley, and she just started her own blog. We'll have to try this and then she can blog about it.