Water Slide Storage Solution

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do you remember this post I did about buying a water slide?
(Click on picture to see post)
The only problem with buying such a big water slide is storing it. Yes, it came with a storage bag, but lets be real here. In order to get this slide in that little bag they gave me, I would have to wait a week for the slide to completely dry out and then I would have to spend an hour smoothing it out and folding it and then I may have a chance of squeezing it into the bag. I thought about buying a big deck box or Rubbermaid shed to keep outside, but that would cost almost as much as the water slide. I have a storage bench that I keep balls in my garage that I thought would work. Not even close.
I couldn't even stuff half of the water slide in it.
I really wanted a place to put the slide for 3 reasons:
1. I didn't want to kill my grass by leaving it out.
2. I didn't want to ruin the slide by having it sit out in the sun all summer.
3. I didn't want to look at it cluttering up my yard when not in use.

Then I remembered a bunch of cinder blocks and bricks I had on the side of my house that I really wanted to use or get rid of.
I found a place in my yard and began working.
I laid the bricks down at an angle so that the water from the slide would drain.Then I took the cinder blocks and just stacked them around and made 3 walls.

The water slide fit perfectly.
I threw a tarp on top and strapped it closed with a bungee cord.
It is easy to take the tarp off and pull the slide out. It is easy to put the slide away.
No more water slide laying out on my patio anymore!
No more bricks taking up space on the side of my house anymore!


  1. Great problem solving and great multi-solution! For a long-term storage space you could actually choose to mortar the brick in place and than build a hinged lid with some scrap wood (i.e., lid covers the top and front, hinged and a handle to lift). :-)

    I wanted to thank you Jen for dropping by DesignTies and leaving such a lovely, positive comment about our kitchen remodel!! And you know... I love tiling so no... I'm not tired! That's a good thing because my husband and I have 1 bathroom to build (from scratch!!) and one bathroom to remodel (from yuck!).

    Hope to see you around DesignTies again!

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