Reading Twilight Series for FREE

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was raised by a very frugal and thrifty mom which is probably why being thrifty comes naturally to me. We were poor growing up and my mom had to be frugal and I had to do without a lot of things, but my mom was really great at stretching a buck. This skill came in very handy for my first 5 or so years of marriage when we were making around $20,000 a year (some years less). Now I am happy to be considered middle class, but I still like to be thrifty and smart about my money. What I am saying is that I don't go without anymore like I used to. If I want something I find a way to get it without spending much.
With that said:
I have been wanting to read the Twilight books, but the waiting list at the library was a mile long. I looked into buying the books used and found that they were selling for $30-$45 depending on condition and paperback vs. hardback. I also found that was selling the whole set of hardback books new for $45 with free shipping! I ordered the books, read them all in a week and then listed them for sale on my local online free classifieds (similar to craigslist). I sold them today for $45 cash. So I got what I wanted and ended up paying nothing. It would have cost more in time and gas to drive to the library several times for each book.
Being thrifty doesn't have to mean going without.

I thought that these books would take me at least a month to read, so now what? I need some more good summer books to read, any suggestions?


  1. wow, way to go! I borrowed the books from friends who'd bought them (I had the same problem with the library).

  2. oooh! I just read Suzannes Diary For Nicholas by James Patterson. Very very good book..If you're in the mood for another love story haha

  3. anything by Jennifer Weiner or Marian Keyes. The notebook. then The Wedding. the secret life of bees.

  4. Stephenie Plum series by Janet Evanovich! LOVE them, and they're laugh-out-loud funny!