No Fake Allowed, Tip-Out Trays

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hooked on Getting Rid of the FAKE
You know those fake panels on the front of most sinks? For some reason fake anything really bothers me. I don't like fake flowers, plants, panels, anything fake. I also hate wasted space. When I moved into my home 8 years ago, getting rid of the fake panels on my sink was one of my first improvements along with painting the 1980's dark oak cabinets in my kitchen. This is a very simple home improvement that anyone can do. They are called Tip-Out Trays and can be found at any home improvement store. I looked at Lowes and found them for around $17.

All you do is detach your fake panel and install the hardware that comes in the box. My panels came off very easily and I was able to do this project by myself with no problems. I also added a handle to match my cabinets. Here is a picture from Lowes (click on it to go to the Lowes website)

I like to keep old toothbrushes for cleaning in mine and my lemonade Kool-Aid for cleaning my dishwasher with. If you don't understand what the lemonade has to do with my dishwasher, click HERE.

Today is Hooked on Houses link party and I thought I would link this post since I seem to be hooked on this subject this week. So go check out the other links and her fun blog.


  1. How neat is that. I really need to do that in my kitchen. Last year I painted the cabinets something I will never do again. But I can really do this! lol

    Stopped by to welcome you to SITS!

  2. Thanks for the idea! And easy too. I'll be doing this soon!

  3. I really need to do this to my kitchen, plus it will lead me into doing some touch-up spots on my cabinets that need it so bad.

  4. Both are such great ideas! I'm putting lemonade kool-aid on my shopping list!

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  5. what a super fun blog!! i am most def going to follow you!!

    I am here to welcome you to SITS (I know I am late, but we like to spread out the L-O-V-E)! You are going to love this community of amazing women, the SITStahood rocks!

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  6. I just came across your blog and thought I would leave a little note. Love your blog by-the-way!

    I discovered a hidden convenience of these tip- out trays when my youngest was obsessed with the garbage can under the sink. If I removed the organizing tray, I could lock the cabinet doors with a child lock, but still access the garbage can by tilting the drawer and dropping trash in from the top. No more hassle with unlocking and locking the cabinet 50 times a day!

  7. Oh I could NOT agree with you more!And it kills me when I see fake flowers outside, I'm like 'are you kidding me??'

  8. Thanks goodness we have a real tip out tray or I'd have another project.

  9. I agree, but sometimes the fixed panel is because the sink depth is too great for a tray, and the fixed panel keeps the continuity with the other door/drawer base cabinets-- so it would be a good idea to check if you have enough clearance for the tray before modifying cabinets!

    But yes, it's great if you can add it in!

  10. This tip just made my night!!! Seriously, I am going to Lowe's next week to find some of these!