Thursday, May 21, 2009

In my last post about the cub scout trophies, I foolishly stated that my son has never won a trophy and was not likely to win one this time. I just got back from the Rain Gutter Regatta where he won the 2nd place trophy! I guess I am glad that we made them smaller now. He was so happy to finally win a race and at his very last pack meeting.

I noticed today that Andy over at Poppies At Play mentioned one of my projects. Thanks Andy, I am so flattered. I love Andy's blog and all of her creative ideas. Does this mean that I get a Creative Cat button? Woohoo!

And welcome to my newest follower, Mom's Mind, a fellow thrifty Mom!

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  1. No problem-o-. I love your blog too! Thanks for letting me snag your pictures. You definitely get a CC button! I'm so bummed I missed the $1 flip-flop day! I totally meant to stop in yesterday and forgot about it!! Dang!