Kraft Coupons

Friday, May 15, 2009

I just got my free issue of Kraft Food and Family magazine in the mail today. I have always enjoyed getting this free magazine and have even tried a few recipes and ideas. I wanted to share this free magazine with all of you so I went to for the link only to find out that the magazine is no longer free. I was able to print a bunch of coupons for $1 off mayonnaise, crackers, cream cheese, and lots more items. If you are interested in these coupons go to and sign up.


  1. I've always ordered that magazine each time I move and I love it but this last time when I went to subscribe they charge $11.00 for the year subscription. Now I know that's not a fortune but I absolutely won't do it since I've always gotten it for free. Anyway---I'm very disappointed and annoyed about it. I miss that magazine.

  2. I hate that they have started charging for the magazine too. I don't use that many recipes from it, because so many use overly processed prepackaged foods, but I do enjoy a few, just not enough to pay for them. Too bad.