Killing Wasps with Soap

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I only get about 2 hours to myself each day when my toddler naps. Today as soon as I got him down I went outside to do some gardening. I went over to my compost to get some soil and wasps came swarming out. There were about 5 little wasp nests under the board that I keep on top of my compost. I went to the garage to find a can of wasp spray, but had none. I did not have time to wait until I could get to the store (I only get that 2 hours and I really wanted to garden).

I turned to google and found my answer:
I learned from this article that I could fill up my son's super soaker gun with dish soap and water and kill them. This would also allow me to stand at a safe distance.
From now on I will never waste money on a can of wasp spray that is bad for the environment again. Soap works just fine and is safe and non-toxic.
After spraying the area I did not have time to wait for the wasps to die, so I just went in and got my soil and they left me alone.
I got all of my tomatoes planted and even got to use my new watering can that I just bought at Savers for $2 (It is big and sturdy, not like the cheap flimsy ones that I waste $10 on and have to replace every year).


  1. Did the wasps eventually die? How effective was the soap compared to regular poison? Good tip.

  2. Some died, but most escaped and few away. They are not coming back to the nests though.