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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bed Bath and Beyond is one of my favorite stores. They have really great quality bedding that is comparable to Pottery Barn and I love it when it goes on clearance. I always wait until I have 2 BB&B coupons (one for 20% an item and one for $5 off a purchase) before going. I don't always buy something or even use my coupons, but yesterday I hit the jackpot. They had a bunch of really nice quilts in their clearance section. About 8 years ago I bought a really nice queen quilt on clearance for around $30. When I switched to a king size bed I sold the used quilt for $80 on ebay. I bought a beautiful new king size quilt right after for around $30 (original price was around $150). The quilt on my daughters bed is hand quilted with flowers and a really cute design. I paid $17 for her quilt with an original price of $150.
Yesterday they had 33-50% off the clearance price of some really great quilts in all sizes. This last winter I had to steal a blanket from another room on some of the colder nights. I bought a great king size blanket that will fix that problem for next year. It was originally $149.00 on clearance for $49.99 and 33% off the clearance price. My 20% off coupon brought the price down to $26.79! I bought a twin size quilt for my toddler's bed (he will move to a big boy bed next year). It was $99.99 on clearance for $39.99, and 33% off the clearance making it $26.99. I had just taken my kids to see Bedtime Stores at the dollar theater last month and saw this quilt on the kid's beds in the movie. The last quilt I got was another twin that was originally $99.99 on clearance for $39.99 and 50% off the clearance price with my $5 off coupon I paid $14.99! I debated buying more and selling them on ebay, but decided that I didn't want them taking up space until fall when I could list them (They wouldn't sell for a good price until fall or winter). So they are still there at the Orem store, but I'm sure their other stores have great quilts.
 For great bedroom furniture click here.
This one is in the kid's bedroom in the Movie Bedtime Stories

This one was a steal at $14.99

I also bought some bathroom rugs at 50% off. I had one of those rubber back rugs in my basement bathroom and after washing it a few times it was all crumbly on the back. I really like these rugs because they can go in the washer thousands of times and still look great.
I was happy to throw this mess away.

Today I used my $10 Kohls card to buy a swimsuit for my daughter that was already 50% off. Every once in a while Kohls will send out these cards and I love them! I also signed up my email and will be getting $5 off in my email soon.

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  1. I love this idea! I am a huge fan of BB&B as we call it at our house. I am always using their in store coupons, but never saved as much as you seem to. I will have to keep this in mind.
    Thanx for the GREAT tip!