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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Before Picture
So it isn't too bad and could be much worse. The problem is that this is a 2 car garage that can only fit 1 car due to a clutter problem. Over the years I have organized this garage a lot, so it shouldn't be too hard of a job. I decided to start with just one wall.
This is the only wall in the garage that is actually finished off with drywall. It is the wall that we see the most as we come into the house, so I thought it would be a good place to start. I would eventually like to paint this wall.
I took off an old board that was hanging on the wall with nails sticking out of it to hand things on. I installed a peg board I had kicking around in its place. I hung my broom and mops right by the kitchen door for easy access (I have no pantry or place in my kitchen for these). I hung the stool up out of the way, found a bin for my chairs to go in (easy access to throw in the van for soccer games) and cleared clutter that I didn't need on this wall.
I took away that cabinet that is too small to hold anything and was wasting space. That will be sold at my next yard sale. I brought out some shelving I had down in my basement and it fit perfectly in the spot next to the freezer. I decided to only fill that shelf with the kids outdoor toys. This way they don't have to find their chalk and squirt guns among all of the paint cans and tools. I also found an old closet shelf and hung it above the freezer. I came across a fire extinguisher and thought it might be more useful hanging right by the kitchen door.

Total cost = $0
By using things that were already cluttering up my garage (old closet shelf, tote, peg board) I was able to organize everything on this wall.

The other side of my garage is still a mess, but that is because I am using it as a dumping ground for everything I am going to sell at my yard sell in the next month or so.

Does anyone have any before and after pictures of what you have done with your garage? I would love to post them. Email them to jen(at)ibizprint(dot)com

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  1. Great Ideas, omg!!!!! i wish i cut have a Custom Closet but also know they are a bit expensive too, will def try this.